Real Experience

Real Life is an interactive, online learning tool that’s designed to integrate with your existing simulation program.

Filmed using live-action video, we use real people, so students experience an emotional connection to each situation. The tool deepens a student’s engagement at every decision point to help build clinical reasoning, clinical assessment, and patient safety skills while working through multiple scenarios.

A Versatile Teaching Tool

Real Life can be used by individual students or by a nurse educator as part of a teacher-led activity in a “flipped classroom” environment.

In fact, Real Life users have reported dramatically higher learning outcomes when scenarios are used as part of a collaborative exercise. When participating in a “flipped classroom,” students said Real Life improved their clinical skills in several key areas.



Clinical Assessment Skills went up by 19%



Clinical Reasoning Skills went up by 23%



Patient Safety Skills went up by 21%

Each Decision Affects the Next

Real Life implements a process we call Branching Logic.

As a student watches a scenario they are prompted to make a decision about the patient’s care. The student then experiences the consequences of that decision, before being prompted to make another decision, and so on as the situation unfolds. Each decision “branches” to another set of possible decisions, resulting in different patient outcomes and new learning experiences.

Prescriptive Lesson Plans

Each scenario includes three lesson plans customized for different instructional settings so nurse educators can integrate Real Life into their curriculum in multiple ways.

Use Real Life for individual student exercises, small group work, a “flipped classroom”, or a clinical replacement day.