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A powerful, online tool for your school’s simulation program.

Real Life is an interactive, online learning tool that can help students and nurse educators improve clinical reasoning, patient safety, and clinical assessment skills.

Filmed using live-action video, we use real people, so students experience an emotional connection to each situation. As they move through scenarios, they see and feel the consequences of every decision so their experience is even closer to real life.

Featured Scenarios

Get inspired by scenarios educators love.

GI Bleed

Work through a Real Life GI bleed scenario.

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Work through a Real Life UTI scenario.

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Work through a Real Life COPD scenario.

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Branching Logic

Each decision students make affects what happens next and ultimately the end result. We call this Branching Logic.


The NCSBN National Simulation Study recently shared findings that could change how the nursing field views sim programs and the role they play in a student’s education. The study showed that education quality remains consistent when simulation replaces up to 50% of traditional clinical experience.

The Clinical Ecosystem

In-hospital clinical hours, manikin, role-playing, skill-stations, standardized patients, and digital simulations are vital components to a student’s nursing education. We call it the Clinical Ecosystem. When all parts of the ecosystem work together, the student and educator have the tools they need to create a thriving educational environment.



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