Created with your students in mind.

Our Real Life scenarios were developed by nurse educators and practicing nurses to give students the clinical reasoning, patient safety, and clinical assessment skills they need.

Students can work through scenarios with escalating levels of assistance and remediation, depending on the learning objective.

Each scenario was filmed using real people, so each decision comes with an outcome or a consequence, giving students a real, emotional connection to their experience. This connection can create a lasting impression on students. In fact, students who used Real Life claimed to not only perform better during their clinical rotations as a result, but that Real Life continued to have an impact on their clinical skills as a licensed, working nurse.


Real Life Features Scenarios for the Following Subject Areas


Reference Materials

Students have access to electronic medical records, orders, progress notes, flow sheets, and laboratory reports on patients within each scenario to help them make the most informed and realistic decision possible.

Rationale Mode

This feature provides students with reasons why each option is correct or incorrect, classifying each answer as “best answer,” “satisfactory answer,” or “needs improvement.”

Optimal Decision Mode

This feature allows students to work through a scenario with “optimal choices” highlighted to facilitate remediation.