Your students need experience. Your students need clinical hours. Your students need Real Life.

Recently, the NCSBN National Simulation Study stated that education quality remains consistent when simulation replaces up to 50% of traditional clinical experience.

The Clinical Ecosystem


Standardized Patients

Computer-Based Reasoning Scenarios

High-Fidelity Manikin

Role Playing

Bedside Clinical

In-hospital clinical hours, manikin, role-playing, skill-stations, standardized patients, and digital simulations are vital components to a student’s nursing education.

We call it the Clinical Ecosystem. When all parts of the ecosystem work together, the students and educators have the tools they need to create a thriving educational environment.

Real Life improves clinical reasoning, patient safety, and clinical assessment skills even after nursing school as students take on positions as newly employed nurses.*

Real Life is a digital simulation designed to work within your current program. It’s an essential tool to help students get the clinical reasoning, clinical assessment, and patient safety skills they need.

Because Real Life is an online tool students can practice anywhere, anytime, and work through multiple scenarios, focusing on areas they need the most assistance. Each scenario is filmed using real people, so each decision comes with an outcome or a consequence, giving students a real, emotional connection to their experience.